77G Millimeter Wave Radar

All-weather Operating

Alarm Distance above 70M

2T 4R Capability

Car Film

From Globally Sourced Materials

Umbercoat™ Technology

10 years aging-resistant

Ambient Light

Follow the driving

Listen the rhythm

Multiple Modes

Charging Pile

Multiple Models Support

IP54 Waterproof

Bluetooth & 4G Extendible

Appearance Restyling

Top Design Team

All Appearance Parts Customization

Push Start

V4 Automotive Classified

7-20 Years Working Life

Super Low Power-consumption

Smart Start

Up to 4G LTE

Bluetooth Emergency Mode

Customized for specific vehicles

Massage Seat

Based on Lumbar Support

Humanized Algorithm

Keyless Entry

Private Molding Processing

Parking Assistance

58k Digital

Embedded to Dashboard/Central screen