Detailed information about activities/announcements officially released by Fuzik

Fuzik join the 1st China Smart Expo as exhibitor


2018 Smart China Expo (hereinafter referred to as SCE 2018) will be held on August 23-25, 2018 in Chongqing International Expo Center. SCE 2018 will be jointly organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology and Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. Under the theme of “Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life”, it will be held as “ a professional event with the highest national standard and international audience” featuring various events such as conferences, exhibitions and contests. For smart industry organizations, enterprises, experts and scholars around the world, it will be a great platform to present cutting-edge technologies, smart life experience, roadshows and contests as well as interactions and discussions in smart industries.

First, an opening ceremony and Big Data and Smart Technology Summit will be held. In the context of Internet, big data and smart technology, foreign dignitaries, leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, leaders of other provinces/autonomous regions /municipalities, domestic and foreign experts and scholars as well as representatives from pillar enterprises and professional institutes will make keynote speeches and remarks to reach new consensus and achieve new outcomes. Experience and major deliverables for SCE 2018 will be summarized and invitation to the next SCE will be extended in the Closing Ceremony.

Second, to showcase new products, technologies, business types and models, five Exhibition Zones will be set up to present the following aspects of big data and smart technology, namely, the general trend and policy directions, well-known companies, cutting-edge innovation, technology application and Smart Experience Plaza, while the last Zone will materialize future smart community by simulating application scenarios such as transport, schools, homes, shopping, health-care and entertainment. By collaborating with leading players in the industry, the Zone will simulate diverse aspects of people’s lives in the smart community where visitors have a first-hand experience about future lives through smart technologies.

Third, a number of contests will be held in cooperation with well-known domestic and international companies and institutions such as i-Vista Self-driving Challenge, International Drone Race Performance, Global “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, Chongqing Open Data Innovation Contest and “Black Technology” Collection and Presentation.

Fourth, a series of events are planned to be jointly presented by state-level ministries and commissions, research institutes, industry associations and well-known companies. These include 2 themed meetings, 9 forums and 7 specialized summits.

Outcome presentation, project match-making and signing will also be held in parallel.