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Exhibition Snapshots at AAITF 2018 Shenzhen 28th Feb -2th March


Congress: China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair

Date: 28th Feb. -2th March 2018

Venue: China Shenzhen Exhibition Center

Booth: 16769

More info at:   http://www.aaitf.org/en/

At the 3-day exhibition, AAITF 2018 expected over 3,000 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors from all over the world, where more than 10,300 kinds of new products will be introduced under one roof. The show space will reach 220,000 square meters, to make it the largest annual gathering for automotive aftermarket and tuning in the world. And our booth space will reach 200 square meters.

In addition, AAITF Committee provides all the participants with various industrial conferences, seminars, forums and workshops for international networking and new business development. The famous experts will be invited to make speeches and discuss the industry trends with global audiences. The One-to-One trade matching program is another value-added service for buyers and suppliers to meet their targeted clients with the help of AAITF Committee.

The professional international buyers are encouraged to take part in AAITF, with free accommodation offered by the committee.

FUZIK succeeded in launching a series of high-tech products:
Benz Comfortable System
Benz Comfortable Keyless Entry System
Toyota Cloud Control Start Stop System (V4)
Hyundai Cloud Control Start Stop System
Window Auto Up/Down System