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Fuzik develops 77G Millimeter Wave Radar


With scientists and senior engineers join in Fuzik, by alomost 1 year hard work, the 77G Millimeter Wave Radar now is finishing development and ready to put on the market of china mainland at beginning of 2020 year.

Fuzik 77G products include functions of:

BSD: blind spot detection

LCA: lane changing assistance

DOW: door open warning

RCTA: rear crossing traffic alert

RCW: rear collision warning


Fuzik’s 77G products stand on a global top level since from its born. To be destined, we will break the situation that all internation brands vehicle factories in china 100% use imported 77G products. In future 5 years, it is estimated the Fuzik 77G products will take a 20% or more market share in automotive OEM class.


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